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Because young children, adolescents and adults generally learn differently, instructional programs have to be modified to fit their varying needs. We call our particular modification for children “Kid-Do” (kid = child; do = way or path; Kid-Do = the way for the child)

Ryanne 1st Place

Kid-Do instruction takes into account the child’s shorter attention span, limited motor skills, rapidly growing / changing mind and body, emotional sensitivity and heightened state of energy.

Kid-Do will give your child the basic skills he /she will need to become proficient in the martial arts and simultaneously develop skill sets needed for success for life in general:

thumbSelf Control
thumbSelf Esteem
thumbRespect for self and others
thumbPhysical Fitness

karate guy

Kid-Do uses a reward intensive, positive reinforcement system to foster excellence both inside and outside of the dojo (training hall or literally ‘the place to learn the way’). In addition to the color belt ranking system, uniform insignias, sticker boards and certificates of accomplishment are regularly giving as the child accumulates achievement point for performance in class, good grades in school and reports from parents of positive growth at home.

Most importantly, this is all achieved in an atmosphere of

fun - Fun - FUN!



I am a Little Samurai.
I will be brave and strong.
I will work for justice,
and I will do no wrong.

HONOR - to my Family!
LOYALTY - to my Friends and Country!
SERVICE - to Anyone in Need!
EXCELLENCE - in Everything I Do!

SAMURAI - One Who Serves!



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