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References to things analogous to “Ki”, life-process or flow of energy that sustains living beings, are found in many belief systems. It is believed that thru proper breathing, meditation and physical exercises the power of one’s “life force” can be increased and controlled. Demonstrations by Indian Yogi’s lying on beds of nails, walking on hot coals, etc. are examples of people said to have gained control over their life force. Through strengthening and controlling their life forces, they can alter the influences of external forces upon their bodies. Expanding on this. It follows that a person with highly developed Ki should be able to control the Ki of a person whose Ki is less developed. And, if you improve the strength and quality of your life force, you will increase the strength and quality of your life.

"Ju Jutsu" is the common name given to several martial systems that were developed in ancient Japan by the samurai warrior class. There are literally hundreds of major and sub-styles of Ju Jutsu referred to as "RYU" (schools or systems). All are characterized by a variety of holds, locks, striking and throwing techniques.

Ancient forms of Ju Jutsu were developed to engage in close combat with an armored samurai. In such situations striking techniques were of little value so the fighters concentrated upon throwing techniques and the use of short swords and knives. Systems devised after the middle of the nineteenth century place much more emphases upon atemi-waza or techniques of striking vital points to incapacitate an opponent, usually just prior to throwing him.

"The stillness in stillnes is not real stillness. Only when there is stillnes in movement does the Universal Rhythm manifest itself." -ANON-

Ki Ju Justsu is in practice, “Meditation in Motion”. It is practiced slowly and is reminiscent of Tai Chi Chuan. Great emphases is place on proper breathing, balance, and precise, controlled placement of the body. This is done to develop the practitioners Ki. The ultimate theory being that if your Ki is superior or stronger than that of an adversary, less actual physical strength will be required to thwart him.


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