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So it is that good warriors take their stand upon ground where they cannot lose, and do not overlook conditions that make an opponent prone to defeat.

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Kondo Hall is a large wooden temple hall where major ceremonies are held. The building has burned down multiple times over the centuries, and the current hall dates back to 1932. It enshrines an image of Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha of medicine and healing.

Founded in 1960

We have been providing Top Quality

Martial Arts Instruction,

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for over half a century.

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WE WERE THE PHILADELPHIA AREA’S FIRST KARATE SCHOOL ::: Skippack Club offers self defense classes in: Karate, Ki Meditation &Ki Ju Jutsu (Your “Ki” is your inner energy, spirit, or life force. In China it is called “Chi”, as in Tai Chi. In India, yoga practitioners refer to it as “prana”.) [] At our Hatfield Club we offer classes in: Karate,) [] L. L. Flournoy, Sensei, the chief instructor of the Shuto Karate Clubs operates the Skippack dojo (martial arts training hall). He began teaching martial arts in Phoenixville and in Collegeville where he ran the Ursinus College Karate Club in 1972. [] R. J. Trotta, Sensei, is the head instructor at the Shuto Karate Club, Hatfield dojo.

"GOSHIN" = modern, self defense methods of martial arts instruction
"DO" = added to the end of a martial art's name indicates that there is a strong philosophical component -- that it is a "way of life

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Schools serving southeastern Pennsylvan in: Phoenixville, Hatfield, Skippack, Lansdale, Norristown, Royersford, Spring City, Souderton, Quakertown, Collegeville, Limerick, Jeffersonville, Audubon, Worcester


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